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Wet Fred

Model: Chelsea
Styling: Liz
© Fred Fraser 2014
Miroir Magazine
Fashion CannibalModel: Stephanie DStyling: Liz© Fred Fraser 2014
Dramatis PersonæMichael P.K.
©Fred Fraser
© Fred Fraser
Mixed III
Model: K.A.T.Hair/makeup/styling: Liz
© Fred Fraser
The trouble with innocence
TygMonroeLiz - Styling/hair/makeup© Fred Fraser
Model: AlexiaHair/Mu/Styling Liz Dungate
@Fred Fraser
Iron fist, velvet glove.
Model: Danielle M.
Steel bikini and tutu: Liz
© Me
Hand tooled leather plague mask and hat. Mine! HAHAHA
Model: Chelsea
Chest Decor: Liz
© Me